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If you face a challenge here’s what you do:

January 25, 2017 David Chappell

If you face a big challenge in your life, here’s what you do: 1. Make a commitment to let go of fear of the future. It doesn’t have to be forever, that can be a tall order. Just do it for a week. You have to be stubborn. If fear arises simply say, "I’ll worry about this in a week." 2. Forget about your disappointments of the past. Don’t let those set expectations for how your life will turn out. Again, be stubborn, commit to this for a week. 3. Every day for a week, stay focused on the present...


January 23, 2017 Gary Chappell

This is such a fun Ring Tone. Makes you smile whenever you get calls or texts. [powr-music-player id=6b1494c6_1485223428]

Arrogance Vs Confidence

January 14, 2017 Gary Chappell

Overcome self-sabotage forever

December 12, 2016 Gary Chappell

Stop engaging in destructive behaviors that sabotage your relationships and income. Self-sabotage is not your fault. It is a natural part of our thought process and has been since the beginning of time. The only way to overcome it is to learn to master it. You can put an end to this internal war once and for all by learning to end the destructive habits that continue to hold you back. Most people who suffer the ongoing negative consequences of self sabotage need help to break free from this cycle.  Take the critically important step now that can help you...

Doors open when you clear your mind

May 25, 2015 Gary Chappell

Many years ago, several family members had gathered at my Mom’s house.  My brother’s girlfriend, Lisa, was standing by a wall of plate glass windows overlooking the bay. It was quite a view, but it was also an extremely windy day.She suddenly turned to walk into the kitchen and a split second later the glass shattered inward from the wind . . . and it wasn’t safety glass. It was sharp “knives” of glass that came crashing inward. People were fussing about how Lisa could have been seriously hurt or killed. They were focusing on the horror of what could have happened. I had...